Gifts For Every Beauty Lover

Gifts For Every Beauty Lover

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What Beauty Lover Doesn’t Like Gifts?

It’s that time again. You are looking for the perfect gifts to give those who helped get you through the year. Here, there is something for every beauty lover: the bold lip babe, the eyeshadow fine artist, the skincare devotee, the lash addict, and the nail polish maven. While you are at it, maybe grab a gift for yourself. You’ve earned it.

For the One Who Loves Lipstick

Whether their thing is a liquid to matte, a classic cream, or a juicy gloss, you could tip over their purse and out would tumble a dozen different products. They are always giving you the best tips for lips, so why not turn the tables and present them with what is sure to be their new favourite? For the lover of bullet lipsticks, pick from 22 Crème Lipstick shades. For the friend who swears by the long-wear nature of a liquid to matte, there are 15 Velvet Lip Crème shades to choose from. And, for the one who’s lips are always reflectively glossy, there are 17 Buttercrème Lip Gloss shades to make their day with.

For the One, Who’s Eyes Always Look Like Art

They have mastered them all: smokey eyes, cut creases, and gradients. They can line their eyes with a flick of the wrist, whereas you spend precarious hours trying to evenly apply liner, and you’re probably going to redo one eye. Makeup is an art and their blending skills are living proof! Select one of six eyeshadow palettes or pull together the colour story that makes you think of them by choosing from individual pans of matte, shimmer, or foiled shadows.


For the One Who Never Skips Skincare

Their skin is flawless. You are in both awe and envy. No matter how late, tired, or tipsy they come home, every step to their routine is diligently followed. Give them a skincare gift that will fit right into their rotation. There are four Beauty Elixir formulas to choose from – one of which has 24K gold in it! 


For the One Who Believes Lashes are Life

They are bold, bodacious, and they have a pair of lashes for every day of the week and every special occasion in-between. Be a lash hero, and introduce them to the latest fluttery addition to their collection. Give them their next pair of intense statement lashes, like Strike a Pose or, lean towards subtle and pretty with the perfect day time lash: Faux Sure They’re Real.

For the One Who’s Nails are Never Au Naturelle

Their nails are always perfectly shaped. Not a cuticle out of place. They change up nail colours like someone would lipstick, and if they head to the salon? They bring their own nail polish because their collection will always be superior. You could gift them one of many equally show-stopping Blue Label Nail Glosses but, why not go a step further? Consider instead one of three Black Label Nail Glosses to add a coat of luxury to any manicure. Pick from 18k gold flakes, 24k gold flakes, or platinum flakes.


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