Why I Switched to Liquid Blush And Will Never go Back!

I used to never wear blush, I was a bronzer girl through and through. This summer that changed drastically once liquid and cream blush blew up on the market. I’ll be honest, I get sucked into tik tok makeup trends easily, but this one is 100% worth it. Liquid and cream blushes definitely have a learning curve to them when it comes to application (don’t worry, i’ll give you some tips to help) but once you figure it out, you’ll never want to go back. They also may seem intimidating to some who prefer a matte makeup base, like me, but trust me on this and give it a try!


Why I’m Obsessed

Liquid blushes don’t just give you colour, it also makes you look like you are GLOWING. Not just in that highlighter glow way, but in that healthy skin way, which, isn’t that what we all strive for in our makeup looks? It gives structure to the cheeks which I’ve never seen before on my face. Of course powdered blush brings colour to the apples of the cheeks and gives it shape as well,  but since it’s usually matte, it’s more one dimensional even with a shimmer blush. Liquid blush almost can work as a contour and highlight for the cheeks with the way it gives dimension. Don’t get me wrong, I still add the whole contour and highlight routine, it completes the look, but if you are going for the whole “makeup no makeup look” liquid blush is the perfect substitute for those sculpted cheeks (more natural looking too). 

I must add, you need to find the *right*  liquid blush. Like all makeup products, there are some not so great ones out there. You can run into blushes that will lift the foundation you have on underneath, or they may even blend out patchy. One of my holy grail blushes is the Dew I Make You Blush? 

From shade range, to the consistency, to the pigment saturation, everything about this liquid blush is perfect. My personal favourite is the shade “Cake” which is a gorgeous dusty rose. If you are into the bright pink blush trend, the shade “Macaron” is perfect for you. You can layer as much as you like, or if you find you added a touch too much, just use the clean side of your sponge or a different brush to gently diffuse the blush.


How to Apply Like a Pro

Now, I did promise to give you some helpful tips on how to apply your liquid blushes so here we go;

I really hope this influences you to maybe take a step out of your makeup comfort zone or even inspires you to experiment with liquid blush.

Smell is Extremely Personal

I love perfumes and fragrances. I love how certain smells can evoke memories and allow us to recall moments in time. I love that they are extremely personal, the same fragrance can smell different on you than your best friend. I love having specific perfumes for exceptional events like a wedding, or when travelling to far-off places. I love that you can revisit all those days and feelings with just one sniff. Simply put, scents spark tremendous joy in your life! Therefore, if you haven’t created your own special blend, then you my friend, are missing out.

Pop on into Crème de la Crème Beauty Lounge and create your own exclusive scent, we have over 150 aroma accords from White Musk to Tobacco, Pina Colada and Peony. Blend and infuse to your heart’s content. Create a fresh scent for each season, for every vacation or just because you love them!


The Art of Custom Blending Your Perfume

The process is simple, but it helps if you have a scented portrait in mind. Are you a citrus lover, do florals make you swoon? Your scent profile will consist of base notes, heart notes and top notes. Regardless of what scents you choose, it is important to have at least one of each note. Base notes ground your scent, they are usually the strongest and linger the longest. Top notes are what you will usually smell first in ascent, however, they also wear off the quickest, so they are often light and fresh. Heart notes bring the base and top notes together to create perfect scent harmony. When creating your scent be sure to allow yourself plenty of time and I guarantee you will love the experience!

Take sneak-peek at this fun Instagram Reel, and watch the magic unfold with a custom blended perfume.

Lashes Will do For You What Mascara Can Not

You’ve curled your hair, tapped on your blush and highlighted your cheekbones to the gods. Now it’s time for the last step in your beauty routine, applying your false lashes. As you sit there fanning the lash waiting for the glue to dry, you sit back and wonder ‘just where did false eyelashes come from?’.

Just kidding, I’m fairly sure no one has had that thought while applying lashes, before running out the door. However, it’s actually a pretty intriguing story and takes us back centuries!


The Historical Love For Long Lashes

If we go back into the Egyptian Era and even Roman Times, women would use ointments and brushes to create long-fanned-out lashes as it was said that women who maintained a healthy lifestyle would be blessed with long lashes. Apparently, a fella named Pliny The Elder also stated that Eyelashes” fell out from excessive sex, and so it was especially important for women to keep their eyelashes long to prove their chastity,” Fast forward to the 1800s, women realized that no matter how healthy they were or how promiscuous they weren’t sometimes their lashes didn’t grow as long and lush and they had hoped.

It was at this time “false” lashes became a thing when women tried to glue human hair to their eyelids. Nearing the end of the 1800’s women even went as far as to having additional eyelashes sewn onto their eyelids?! Luckily that phase did not last long!

In 1911 a fantastic Canadian female (naturally) by the name of Anna Taylor created the first official artificial eyelash patent by using a small piece of crescent fabric embedded with hairs. However false lashes did not become overly popular until 1950’s Hollywood. Where the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth would don them in their feature films. Plus no one can forget Twiggy, her iconic lashes are still referenced today.

False Lashes, It’s Not A Trend or Fad

Fast forward to 2021 and false eyelashes have advanced tenfold. You now have options galore, should you prefer silk lashes, want them extra-long or extra full? You can change your look up every day to your heart’s content. The best news of all? You don’t have to sew them to your eyelids, you’re welcome!

Watch this quick TikTok reel on how to apply your fave lashes!

What Beauty Lover Doesn’t Like Gifts?

It’s that time again. You are looking for the perfect gifts to give those who helped get you through the year. Here, there is something for every beauty lover: the bold lip babe, the eyeshadow fine artist, the skincare devotee, the lash addict, and the nail polish maven. While you are at it, maybe grab a gift for yourself. You’ve earned it.

For the One Who Loves Lipstick

Whether their thing is a liquid to matte, a classic cream, or a juicy gloss, you could tip over their purse and out would tumble a dozen different products. They are always giving you the best tips for lips, so why not turn the tables and present them with what is sure to be their new favourite? For the lover of bullet lipsticks, pick from 22 Crème Lipstick shades. For the friend who swears by the long-wear nature of a liquid to matte, there are 15 Velvet Lip Crème shades to choose from. And, for the one who’s lips are always reflectively glossy, there are 17 Buttercrème Lip Gloss shades to make their day with.

For the One, Who’s Eyes Always Look Like Art

They have mastered them all: smokey eyes, cut creases, and gradients. They can line their eyes with a flick of the wrist, whereas you spend precarious hours trying to evenly apply liner, and you’re probably going to redo one eye. Makeup is an art and their blending skills are living proof! Select one of six eyeshadow palettes or pull together the colour story that makes you think of them by choosing from individual pans of matte, shimmer, or foiled shadows.


For the One Who Never Skips Skincare

Their skin is flawless. You are in both awe and envy. No matter how late, tired, or tipsy they come home, every step to their routine is diligently followed. Give them a skincare gift that will fit right into their rotation. There are four Beauty Elixir formulas to choose from – one of which has 24K gold in it! 


For the One Who Believes Lashes are Life

They are bold, bodacious, and they have a pair of lashes for every day of the week and every special occasion in-between. Be a lash hero, and introduce them to the latest fluttery addition to their collection. Give them their next pair of intense statement lashes, like Strike a Pose or, lean towards subtle and pretty with the perfect day time lash: Faux Sure They’re Real.

For the One Who’s Nails are Never Au Naturelle

Their nails are always perfectly shaped. Not a cuticle out of place. They change up nail colours like someone would lipstick, and if they head to the salon? They bring their own nail polish because their collection will always be superior. You could gift them one of many equally show-stopping Blue Label Nail Glosses but, why not go a step further? Consider instead one of three Black Label Nail Glosses to add a coat of luxury to any manicure. Pick from 18k gold flakes, 24k gold flakes, or platinum flakes.


By Mona Butler

Winter offers some beautiful things: fluttering snow, warm drinks, and cozy clothes. Less so, however, is winter skin! The frustration and discomfort alone are enough to ruin anyone’s mood, and let’s not even get started on having to deal with the dry, flaky patches that show up to mar your complexion!

Here Comes Winter Skin Again

You know it is coming every year but, why exactly does it happen? It turns out that question comes with a trifecta of answers. The first and foremost problem is the fact that as humidity levels drop in the winter the cold, dry, air causes moisture in your skin to evaporate more quickly. In fact, your skin will lose about 25% of its ability to retain moisture. This leaves your skin feeling dry, tight, and flaky. The other two reasons are, unfortunately, due to our efforts to stay warm through the cold months. As the temperature drops outside, it’s only obvious to want to crank the temperature inside. This heating further dries out your skin. And that long, soothing, hot shower you take to shake off the cold after a brisk winter walk? The near-scalding hot water strips your skin of natural oils, making it more susceptible to dryness. So, what do you do? Turn down the heat and resign yourself to cold, uncomfortable showers? No, not really!

Winter Skincare products Sherwood Park


Adapt and Overcome

Nothing can be done about the dropping temperatures but there are a few things you can adjust to save your skin some trauma this winter. Making sure to cover your skin from the elements when you go out will mitigate some of the damage. Once indoors, resist the urge to turn the heat up to the max. Instead, find a comfortable temperature and accept that after all these years, your parents were right when they said to simply put on a sweater! Consider investing in a humidifier as well, since the lack of humidity outside is most likely the root of the problem. When you shower, don’t do so in the hottest water you can stand, no matter how good it may feel. Not only is it bad for your skin, but such high temperatures are bad for your hair as well. If sacrificing your near-scalding showers is too much at first, start by spending less time in the shower. The final piece to the winter skin puzzle is to, of course, moisturize.

Do Not Forget to Moisturize

Moisturizing will help you recover from all three of the above problems. Settle yourself into a solid, moisturizer-forward skincare routine that includes care for your lips! The soothing Kush and Caviar Beauty Elixir, formulated with cold-pressed hemp oil, exotic green caviar oil pressed from seaweed, and cannabis seed extract is rich but absorbs quickly and is a must-try for those with irritated skin! When it comes to your lips, don’t be afraid of a little scrubbing. The right lip scrub will gently buff away dry skin so that your lip balm will be more effective. Remind yourself of the bright flavours of summer with the Pink Lemonade Lip Buff, followed by the Coconut Crème & Peach Lip Soufflé, which is packed with hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, hemp seed oil, and bilberry fruit extract. You want to treat the rest of your body as well as you treat your face, so investing in an ultra-hydrating lotion or body oil will go a long way. Pick from one of three sumptuous body gloss scents: Monoi de Tahiti, Pamplemousse Blanc, or Sugar Cane & Vanilla Bean. All of these are formulated with exotic cold-pressed fruit oils and botanical extracts, designed to firm, increase elasticity and reduce dryness. Simple rub onto damp skin right out of the shower!

Your Winter Skin Arsenal

There’s no longer any need to dread winter skin; the cold weather can’t hurt you anymore. Don’t give in to frustration and resign yourself to chapped hands and flaky patches. You’ve got the knowledge and tools you need. Moisturize, put on a warm sweater, and resist those boiling-hot showers!

Embrace Bold Fall Colours With The Perfect Shade For Your Skin Tone

Autumn is in full swing, so it is time to get glam accordingly. Pink is always cute, and you can never go wrong with nudes, but it is no longer their turn to shine. Put down that coral lipstick and prepare to embrace bold fall colours! There’s a perfect shade for your skin tone, let’s take a deep dive! Deep dark reds and rich berry tones are in season. They can be intimidating to the unaccustomed but don’t worry; there is a surefire way to narrow which lipstick looks best on you, lets give you some of our trusted lip tips!


Identify Your Tones

The majority of makeup this or that questions can be answered by figuring out your undertones. It is a common term you will encounter when picking out everything from eyeshadow to foundation. Most people fall under warm or cool. Warm-toned individuals have yellow, golden, or olive tones in their complexion, and those who are cool have pink, red, or blueish tones. Take a look at your wrists. How do your veins appear through your skin? If they look bluer, you are cool-toned, and if they seem greener, you are warm-toned. How did you fare this summer? If you tan before you burn, you are warm-toned, and if you burn before you tan, you are cool-toned. If you are having trouble using these methods, especially for those with very dark skin tones who cannot see their vein colour, instead try taking a photo of yourself against a bright white towel with no makeup on. Against the bright contrast of the background, you should be able to see what undertones you have quite clearly.

There is a third category: neutral undertones. While you may have just as much trouble as everyone else matching your foundation, if you have neutral undertones, you can rest assured that pretty much any of the lipsticks below will suit you. Go wild!


Seeing Red

Who doesn’t love a red lip? It is usually the first lipstick we try when it is time to experiment with bold colours. It always starts out a little scary but turns out to be worth it. Whether it is time for you to break out of your comfort zone or just looking for your next read, let us look at the options. So, you have established that you are cool-toned. When shopping for your red lip, look for products with blue or purple undertones. Think of a deep cherry red instead of a bright orange-red.

Try Pin Up Velvet Lip Crème or Prenup Crème Lipstick

the Perfect Lip - Lipstickthe Perfect Lip - Lipstick

You have checked all the boxes and have realized you are warm-toned. As you are swatching, lean towards lipsticks with reddish, peach, orange or yellow undertones in it. You will find that bold orange-reds, brick reds, and terracotta will suit you best.

Try Sizzle Velvet Lip Crème or Cinnamon Crème Lipstick


the Perfect Lip - Lipstickthe Perfect Lip - Lipstick

Bold in Berry

Berry coloured lipsticks are as varied as the little fruits from which they get their name. So many different shades fall under berry! From light and preppy to dark and vampy. We are sticking with the latter, however, because they are what autumn makeup is meant for! If you are on the cool-toned side, look for lipsticks in wine or cranberry shades. Once again, think blue undertones. A deep plum shade will look incredible on you.

Try Boysenberry Buttercrème Lipgloss or Soap Opera Crème Lipstick


the Perfect Lip - Lipstickthe Perfect Lip - Lipstick

Warm tone berry shades follow along the same lines as warm tone reds as well. Look for shades with orange, red or yellow undertones. You will rock a berry shade that leans maroon or burgundy!

Try Mauve Me to Tears Buttercrème Lipgloss or Black Cherry Crème Lipstick


the Perfect Lip - Lipstickthe Perfect Lip - Lipstick

If You’re Feeling it, Wear it!

Picking a lipstick based on your undertone is a great way to narrow down your choices and try something new. Like most rules in makeup, it is hardly the law, though! If you’re cool-toned and want to wear a warm-toned lip or vice versa, go for it. Have fun with your looks and get creative this fall.



The right set of lashes can take your look from drab to fab in just a few minutes! However, choosing the perfect lash can be tricky, especially when given so many options. At Crème de la Crème, we offer lash styles that can add length, volume and drama, but which one should you choose? Your preferences and personal style will help play a part but so does your eye shape! Here is a simple guide to help you with the process:


Deep-Set Eyes

Since this eye shape generally sits under a prominent brow bone, we recommend choosing lashes that focus on length. By adding length, will allow your eyes to appear less deep-set and more open. We generally suggest avoiding lashes that are shorter and denser, as they can have the opposite effect. Our favourite lash styles for deep-set eyes are Naturally Fake, Deux Die For and Bougie.

Round Eyes

Long, curly, wispy? Take your pick! If you have round eyes, delicate simple lashes will enhance your daytime look! Take your look into the evening by swapping out your wispy lashes for some voluminous cat eyelashes. These lashes start with a shorter inner corner and flare out to a longer outer corner, this will elongate your eyes and vamp up your look. Our top picks are Faux Sure They’re Real, Wink Wink and High Maintenance.

Almond Eyes

Most lash styles will compliment almond eyes, so your personal preference will be a major player when it comes to picking your lashes. If you have a late-night and want to appear a little more bright-eyed, try out a pair that’s shorter on both the outer corner and inner corner while being longer in the center, like Boudoir. When you’re ready to paint the town red again, add in some volume and drama with Unfauxgettable or Trophy Wife.

Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, most of your mobile lid space will not be visible when your eyes are open. Sometimes leading to the appearance of smaller eyes, but don’t fret, we’ve got the perfect lashes for you! We suggest popping on a pair of longer lashes that have a slightly more dramatic curl, such as Spoiled or Feelin’ Myself. Similar to your deep-set eye sisters, avoid lashes that are short and dense and you’ll be Feelin’ yourself in no time!

Mono Lid Eyes

If your eyelid crease is nonexistent, the right pair of lashes can make the world of difference. Go for length, curl and throw in a little wisp and you’re all set. Our favourite mono lid lashes are Fauxbidden Fruit, Vixen and Heartbreaker.

At the end of the day, you do you, feel free to change up your lash look and experiment with different styles to find your favourite! Whether you are looking for lashes, application tips or beauty advice, Crème de la Crème is your one-stop-shop!

Pre-Event Skin Care

Skincare should be a vital part of everyone’s daily routine. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ and a part of you that you expose to the world. While it is important to maintain a proper skincare routine daily, there are also a few extra steps you should take prior to any big event! I will share those here with you now!

Tip 1.

Don’t start any new acne or skincare practices in the weeks leading up to your event. Although I will be encouraging many products throughout this post I always recommend trying it out on your skin months prior to your event. Certain products and skincare regimes can contain ingredients that don’t agree with your skin or that you may be allergic to. Not to mention no product works magically overnight, and often your skin goes through a ‘purge’ phase where it actually becomes worse before it gets better. You don’t want to start a new routine and have your skin in the ‘purge’ phase on your wedding day. If you feel like your skin requires extra attention or new products start them at least 6 months before your event.

Tip 2.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Not just your face but also your entire body. Buff off all the dead skin cells that are taking up space and making your skin look dull! Using a salt or sugar scrub on your body is ideal. Using a microdermabrasion scrub on your face is a must, often foundation and other makeup with a stick and settle into dry patches on your face. When your face is freshly buffed your makeup will look flawless and glowing!

Tip 3.

Use sunscreen! Protecting your skin from sun damage is the most important step you should be taking daily. Regardless of the type of sunscreen you choose just make sure you use it. Often the SPF in makeup alone is not enough coverage especially if the UV index is high. It is common for people to think they will not achieve a tan while wearing sunscreen and opt-out in order to get their bronze on. This is a HUGE mistake! Not only will it prematurely age your skin but it puts you at a huge risk for developing melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. Protect, don’t regret it!

Tip 4.

Although it may seem unrelated, skincare also starts with what you put in your body. Water is #1, make sure you drink at least 8 glasses a day. That doesn’t include coffee or lattes or wine lol! Drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day and your skin will thank you! Next up, cleanses. Often people like to do juice cleanses or tea detoxes prior to events to help drop a few pounds. What most people don’t realize though, while most of the toxins are excreted via bodily functions, they will also be excreted via your skin. Primarily your face, front and center! Save the detoxes for another time!

Tip 5.

Don’t use a new self-tanner or get a spray tan for the first time. If you’re a seasoned self-tanner or know a reputable spray tan facility, you’ll probably be fine. But if you haven’t done it before or are unaware of how certain products will perform, I definitely recommend avoiding it. No one wants to look orange or patchy for their special event!

Last but not least!

Lastly, finding the perfect regime for your skin can be daunting, it takes a lot of trial and error. It helps to know your skin type and what your skin needs. If you are unsure, I encourage you to visit a licensed esthetician and have your skin evaluated. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for samples when at major department stores or boutiques. They will gladly offer up their expertise and samples to try different products on yourself prior to committing to a potentially pricey purchase. Don’t think of am and pm skin routines as chores, think of them more as mini spa treatments, your skin will thank you!

What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring the items in your makeup bag what would they be?

The choice for me is simple, with these items I can look natural and put together for the daytime and slay into the night and look glam by just using these 4 beauty products!

Here are my must-haves that I truly cannot live without.

1. Concealer

Concealer is a quick and easy step in your makeup routine that has endless benefits for the skin. The most common known functions of concealer are for covering pesky blemishes, masking and brightening up dark under-eye circles and in some cases used for contouring. My favourite type of concealer is a creamy liquid or creamy solid, using a beauty blender or a liquid foundation brush when applying will help create buildable coverage that is soft and natural. When using a creamy concealer make sure you use a setting powder to set the concealer to avoid transfer throughout the day and to prolong the wear time so your skin will look fresh all day. The reason I really like the Creme de Camouflage concealer is that it has two dual functions, focusing on skincare as well as providing a full coverage makeup all in one product.

2. Blush

Blush has been a staple in my makeup bag since the beginning of time. In today’s market, there are a few different types of blush: powder, cream, and liquid. Blush helps flush colour and youthfulness into the skin giving you that perfect glow. If you enjoy a dewy skin look then the Dew I make You blush from Creme de la Creme has a semi-sheer base that has the perfect pop of colour and softness. Anytime applying a liquid or creme blush place on the apples of the cheek and with an angled brush blend out to help control and even out the application of the product.

3. Eyeliner

If you love liquid liner as much as I can I get an AMEN?! In my personal opinion eye, looks are not complete without a sharp crisp black liquid liner to fully shape the eye. Eyeliner helps transform the appearance, thickness and volume of the lash line and can also make the illusion of a more open and elongated eye shape by adding a wing shape. I have always struggled to find the perfect shade of black liquid liner that does not fade into a grey, bluish hue by the end of the day. One product that does not do this is Crème de la Crème Fluid Butter liquid eyeliner. It is the perfect shade of jet black with a long wear time and it doesn’t budge, smudge, flake off or peel.

4. Matte Liquid Lipstick

The last product in my makeup bag is the perfect nude shade matte liquid lipstick. Finding the perfect shade of nude is tricky but it’s so satisfying once you have found it. Adding a matte liquid lipstick to your makeup look brings everything full circle. The creamy velvet matte liquid formula at Crème de la Crème has been a game-changer for my lip products. Not only is it so light and soft, but I also find it hydrates my lips while conquering the long wear time. From day to night the perfect nude lip is so universal and complements all desired makeup looks.

What are the must-have makeup products you can’t live without?

So, What is The Difference?

Lately, the makeup world has been filled with controversy about eyeshadow palettes that have been released containing a mixture of eyeshadows and pressed pigments. You probably didn’t realize that there is a difference between the colourful powders.

If you you were unaware of the difference, then you’ve come to the right place! So, what is the difference between the two? Eyeshadows contain a mixture of pigments, micas, binders and preservatives to create a creamy smooth formula that is seamless and blends with little effort.

Pressed pigments are just as they sound, they are simply pigments pressed into a pan. Pressed pigments usually do not include a lot of “filler” ingredients to bulk up the formula.

Therefore pressed pigments  tend to be extremely vibrant, rather than providing a “wash” of colour, they provide full pigmentation. They usually require an eyeshadow base or concealer for the pigment to “stick” to the skin.


Pick Your Eyeshadow Brush Wisely

Different techniques are also used to apply them a classic eyeshadow versus a pressed pigment . Rather than using a fluffy blending brush to apply pressed pigment, use a small dense packing brush. The short, densely packed hairs of this style of brush performs best when applying pressed pigment.

Application of pressed pigment also differs. Instead of using a sweeping or circular motion to deposit colour on to your eyelids, a tapping-packing method works best when working with pressed pigments.

Once you have achieved your desired look, you can then use a fluffy blending brush to diffuse the pressed pigment. When applying eyeshadow, blending is key, because harsh demarcation lines on eyelids are a big NO NO!

There is a slight learning curve when using pressed pigments, as opposed to classic eyeshadows. However with a bit of practice and the proper eyeshadow brushes, it will be a breeze to master! Take a gander at our “Do You Even Blend?” 12 piece eyeshadow set and start applying your eyeshadow like a pro!


Cosmetic Labeling

Palettes that contain pressed pigments will always state it on the packaging and if the brand is labelled as cruelty-free and vegan, will also provide a warning stating that they can stain your eyelids. Why would they stain your eyelids? Cosmetics that are red, pink, or purple can contain an ingredient called carmine. To put it bluntly, carmine is crushed beetles, they are perfectly safe to be used in cosmetics and have been for years. However, since they are beetles, many brands that are cruelty-free prefer to use dyes to create the red colour that carmine would have provided. Dyes can stain people with sensitive skin or when used in excess.

So now that you’re an expert, have you used both eyeshadows and pressed pigments? Which do you prefer?


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