The Love of perfume

I love perfumes and fragrances. I love how certain scents can evoke memories and allow us to recall moments in time. I love that they are extremely personal, the same fragrance can smell different on you than your best friend. I love having specific perfumes for exceptional events like a wedding, or when travelling to far-off places. I love that you can revisit all those days and feelings with just one sniff. Simply put, scents spark tremendous joy in your life! Therefore, if you haven’t created your own special blend, then you my friend, are missing out.

Pop on into Crème de la Crème Beauty lounge and create your own exclusive scent, we have over 150 aroma accords from White Musk to Tobacco, Pina Colada and Peony. Blend and infuse to your heart’s content. Create a fresh scent for each season, for every vacation or just because you love them!

The process is simple,

but it helps if you have a scented portrait in mind. Are you a citrus lover, do florals make you swoon? Your scent profile will consist of base notes, heart notes and top notes. Regardless of what scents you choose, it is important to have at least one of each note. Base notes ground your scent, they are usually the strongest and linger the longest. Top notes are what you will usually smell first in ascent, however, they also wear off the quickest, so they are often light and fresh. Heart notes bring the base and top notes together to create perfect scent harmony. When creating your scent be sure to allow yourself plenty of time and I guarantee you will love the experience!

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