Brush and blend out your makeup to a flawless finish with our densely packed complexion brush. Say buh-bye to streaky or patchy makeup and say hello to an airbrush like canvas, with our angle shaped complexion brush. The angled brush head hugs the planes and curves of your face. It allows for more precise shading and controlled contouring! Our brushes are always cruelty free, made of synthetic fibres and recycled components!

Pro Tip: For a flawless application of your foundation, start in the middle of your face, such as your cheeks or alternatively your T-zone area. Apply your foundation in an smooth outward motion using even strokes to prevent harsh demarcation lines around your hair and jawline. If you’re using a mineral or powder foundation, use a swirling circular motion to buff and work the product into the skin.

And voila! Your makeup has been applied like a pro and your skin looks mysteriously smooth and flawless!

If you prefer a makeup brush over a Beauty Blending Sponge to apply your cream concealer, then look no further! Pair our Angled Complexion Brush with our medium coverage  Super Food Concealer. The angled shape hugs the curves of your face for precise blending and contouring!

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